February 15, 2017


– Far lower price per square meter
– Large open spaces of nature
– Great transportation connections
– Quite and friendly neighborhood
– Cohousing communal benefits
– Accessibility for disabels
– Mixed age groups
– Mixed Apartment sizes
– Natural construction materials that age with us!
– Large windows to let the sun come in​
– Local renewable sources of energy
– Car sharing
– Sport facilities on the site
– Local beach 3 km away
– Nearby a river
– 25 min to Helsinki, 5 min to Porvoo

The sooner one gets into the process the more the residents can participate in the design and living rules. It is very open to changes and suggestions.

yes. What we proposed until now are the basic solutions.

Yes, for that it is best to be at an early stage.


We are currently looking for new residents. Please contact us so we can finalize the planning process.

For the creation of the Housing Cooperative there is a small non-binding payment of 30 Euros per sqm of the chosen apartment. After that the acquisition of the property, the project and its construction will be paid gradually on phases to be defined with the new residents.

Just in time to celebrate the 2018 Christmas.

Average price of an apartment with property is estimated to be 240k Euros, excluding all the extras each individual will want to have.

Ossus Pankki is our partner on this project. Each individual will belong to the housing cooperative but will need to request an individual loan to the bank. The common property will serve as a guarantee.

The first payment of 30 Euros per sqm is fully refundable. The second payment of 20k is the acquisition of the property. Until this phase there is no risk . The construction phase always carries risks of price fluctuation which will be agreed among all participants into which percentage can it go. More on cohousing in Finland here.

A team of Architects directly negotiating with the city of Porvoo. There are no investors involved which means the prices are far lower than the market prices. Also the architects will be residents so you can be sure of a great design!

Please check here for the team profile. It’s an international team of architects with large experience.

Yes, form the City of Porvoo, OsuusPankki Porvoo, FIRA Oy, etc. See here for more info.

This used to be a Swedish primary school.

One of the rare heritage sites not yet listed as such. This means the value of the site will soon too increase. It is also a place of fantastic stories, landscape and emotions.

It uses local natural materials which will endure for another hundred years. Good building are the old buildings which still work, they have passed the test of time!

The local community is very engaging and also very international.

For English, Pedro Aibéo. For Finnish, Antti Sarauvo.

For English, Pedro Aibéo. For Finnish, Antti Sarauvo.