Svartså Skola Cohousing site visit

Today, AIBEO architecture visited the site of the Svartså Skola, between Porvoo and Helsinki. We are renovating a 109 year old school into cohousing apartments. We went there today with a potential construction company to partner us. Many challenges faces us in this pathway. First things to be sure of, are of the fungus and Read more about Svartså Skola Cohousing site visit[…]

The Cohousing Architecture: the process matters!

I want to live in a place I know it was built with care, I feel socially included and I know it will matter when I’m gone. Welcome to the Co-housing and Heritage renovation project Svartså Skola in Finland. On the Swedish Finnish Heritage day, last 6th November 2016, Svartså Skola made it’s first public Read more about The Cohousing Architecture: the process matters![…]

The Svartså Skola Cohousing updates early 2017

Svartså Skola project is up-and-running in full-speed! We’ve met banks for finances, recruited new members, pitched the co-housing in Greenhouse Lab, sharpened the strategy and organization… We just had a meeting with 4 interested people in supporting Svartså Skola in marketing concerns. It went very well and all will work together with us. Still today Read more about The Svartså Skola Cohousing updates early 2017[…]

Renovation, Co-housing and Co-design!

In 2009, after 103 years of operation, the city of Porvoo closed down Svartså School. We, a team of architects, were impressed by the beautiful environment of Svartså, and proposed to the city of Porvoo to create a new housing project. Before an individual investor takes over this wonderful place and either destroys it or Read more about Renovation, Co-housing and Co-design![…]