Cohousing in Finland, in Lohja

We are shifting our Cohousing priority to another school in need of renovation too, as Svartså Skola has proven to be too bureaucratic. Here is our new priority.
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– There is a new wave of search for non-urban living spaces due to:
– Life quality search (more space, less pollution (sound + air))
– Better and affordable energy independency technologies
– Remote working via internet makes location flexible
– Car sharing and car automatization platforms are growing enabling cleaner and cheaper commuting

– co-housing as living and working solutions are growing worldwide
– Because they enhance communal living in modern standards
– We have an aging population so it’s essential to have mix usage which supports mutual care
– enables shared spaces for small businesses and events

– Tourism with personal and experience touch away from crowds is growing
– Heritage architecture is a great asset for such
– Rural environment and a need for nature and local identity

– Research and education
– The large space can allow for temporary experiments
– Large space can allow for educational purposes

– Renovation costs are difficult to estimate
– being a heritage building, if severe damages to the building are found, it can mean a complete loss of the investment
– Its remoteness can be a deterrent to inhabitants, 50 min from Helsinki / 50 min from airport


– High quality design (lofty apartments) with very low to the original structure
– Apartments based on co-housing (shared spaces over 50%, all apartments are full modern and private)
– Accessibility for wheelchair on 2/3 of the building

– 50% for mixed habitation (co-housing)
– 20% for education facilities
– create an international research hub on experimental/modular housing
– 20% for small local business
– 10% for a small Guest house and small café (for guests, research guests and tourists)

Further infos here.

Pedro Aibéo

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