Heritage renovation into cohousing — A PILOT PROJECT


In 2009, after 103 years of operation, the city of Porvoo closed down Svartså School. We, a team of architects, were impressed by the beautiful environment of Svartså, and proposed the city of Porvoo to create a new co-housing project.
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25 mins. by Helsinki and 5 mins. by Porvoo’s city centre.

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12 beautifully designed brand new apartments at exceptionally low market prices.

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Site photos

Here’s a glimpse of the homes of tomorrow. 3d images of the site will also be published soon.

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Site visit

If you would like to visit the site, feel free to contact us, and we will arrange if for you on a Sunday.

Co-housing allows the new inhabitants to have a fully normal apartment, with private kitchen and bathroom etc., but there are bigger rooms for communal use and business purposes. The process matters; every inhabitant defines the rules of the shared spaces. A community supports each other. Yet privacy is fundamental, every inhabitant is totally independent and can choose not to interact with the community.

Team and Advisors


Pedro Aibéo

Project Coordinator
An architect and Civil Engineer, who initiated this project in 2015, based also on his research of Architectural Democracy.

Antti Saravuo

The man behind Visiomo, an experienced Architect who took the challenge in May 2015.

Natalie Stratakis

Design Architect
The woman behind Visiomo, an experienced Architect who took the challenge in May 2015.

Tuomo Pulkkinen

3d Designer
An Architectural Student with an eye for 3D visualizations.

Momal Mushtaq

Digital Media
Not only for web stuff, but a top social activist.


Jessie Cat Kelley

A great help in finding people to work with us.

Marcelo Diez

He initiated a similar project before, the margariinitehdas, and has been a vital help.

Mikael Långström

Digital Business Specialist
Plenty of experience in cooperative and cohousing, what a help!

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If you are interested, send your CV to info@aibeo.com. Alternatively, you can use the contact form below.